Planar Motor Inc. is a pioneer fascinated with advancing technologies for industry automation. We are headquartered in Vancouver, with skunk-works sites in Toronto, Boston and Shanghai.

Alexander Slocum

Director of Innovation, Co-founder - Alexander Slocum is a member of US National Academy of Engineering, Pappalardo Professor at M. I. T. He is an inventor in 100+ patents. He has won R&D 100 awards (the Industry Oscar Award) 10+ times, with each is a most significant innovation of that year. Also he served at the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy and served as a member of the team assembled by Obama to fix the deepwater oil spill.

Daxue Wang

Director, Co-founder - Daxue Wang has 17 years' experience in finance industry, covering various fields in corporate financing, investment bank, IPO, MA, and auditing. Positions that he took include CEO of Mosan Asset Management Company, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley, Director of International Business for ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management, Senior Economist for Citi Group, Associate Director for Yamaichi Securities.

Peter Tang

Director, Co-founder - Peter Tang has more than 30 years of working experience in Automation. He served as Vice President Innovation & Technology and Vice President Engineering at ATS Automation Tooling Systems,one of the largest automation companies in North America, where he led numerous technology innovation. He also served as a board member in National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada research networks, and a board member of Automated Imaging Association.

Xiaodong Lu

President, Co-founder - Xiaodong Lu obtained PhD from M.I.T. He won a F.W. Taylor Medal from International Academy for Production Engineering, and a Carl G. Sontheimer Prize from M.I.T. for excellence in innovation and creativity in design. He has 20 years' experience of providing support/service on new technology/product development to many industry companies in America, Asia and Europe.


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