Welcome to Planar Motor Inc.

Planar Motor Inc. (PMI) is the industry pioneer in magnetically suspended planar motors, which designs and produces smart conveying robot systems with unprecedented flexibility, precision, intelligence, re-configurability, scalability and traceability. In comparison with conventional conveying systems where parts move on predefined 1D tracks, PMI’s XBOTs are smart conveyors with 6 degrees-of-freedom motion capability that can move independently on a 2D surface with programmable routes. XBOTs are designed for mass customization -- the new frontier in business competition. Above are three videos of our XBOTs. Enjoy!

Why PMI’s smart conveying robots?

PMI’s smart conveying systems are composed of one or more movers (XBOTs) and a stationary surface made of modular tiles (Flyway). Each XBOT is independently controlled and suspended in air, which hovers over a Flyway with 6 degrees-of-freedom motion capability. The motion of XBOTs can save the motion and the corresponding space needed for tools that process the parts. The system does not require any lubrication nor generates any contamination. It is ideal for applications requiring high cleanliness such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as industries with harsh environments such as those that require water and dust proofing. The Flyways are made from identical modular tiles and are fully extendable and reconfigurable.

New Features


Multiple conveying robots with individually programmable conveying routes
  1. Allows frequent and flexible production plan changes
  2. Improves efficiency in low volume, high mix productions
  3. Simplifies robot arm requirements
  4. No need for diverters and buffers
  5. Capable of mass customization
Non-contact movement
  1. No wear and tear
  2. No lubrication required
2D Flyway platform made by modular tiles
  1. Easy installation, allows quick field replacement
  2. Fully extendable and reconfigurable
  3. Minimize conveying area, space saving


I have never seen any innovation as significant as this in my 30 years of Automation. This is truly a game changer.

  • Mike Cybulski
  • Former President of ATS Automation, former CEO and President of Festo Corporation (USA)

This new planar motor technology is incredibly promising for many manufacturing applications. It will enable new manufacturing methods in domains from conventional to ultraprecision, and in environments from factory floor to clean room. The ability to simultaneously and independently control six degrees of freedom across multiple magnetically-levitated stages is a remarkable achievement!

  • David L. Trumper
  • Professor at M.I.T., a world-renowned expert in the field of magnetic levitation.